Fuller Hose Scuba 219The N.E.F.D SCUBA Team is comprised of members from both Fuller Hose Co #1 and Crescent Hose Company #2. All members are NAUI certified open water divers. We respond to all types of water rescue emergencies on Lake Erie and also in land waters in Erie County. The crew utilizes Fuller Hose Utility 219 and Crescent Hose Rescue 208 along with East Erie County Marine Rescue 1 Fire / Rescue Boat.

Erie County Marine Rescue 1East Erie County Marine Rescue 1 was donated to the East County Chief’s Association by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association to assist in water rescues in Erie County on Lake Erie. Fuller Hose Co #1, Crescent Hose Co #2 and Fairfield Hose Co. operate the vessel. The Vessel is docked at the North East Marina from May through October. The vessel is a 30’ Harbor Guard Defender Series Vessel. It has dive, rescue and firefighting capabilities.


2014 Members and Officers

Matt Skrekla Dive Leader
Jim Moore Asst. Dive Leader ( D-2)
Chris Skrekla Dive Lieut. ( D -3)
Steve Wilkinson  
Carl Skrekla  
Bryan Davis  
Mike Wilkinson Jr.  
Mike Carlstrom  
Aaron Jelley  

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